Q:How much is a session? 

A: Out Door $125.00 - Per Hr.  There is a 30 minute Grace Period. Total session 1.5 hours @ $125.00

Q: What does that come with?  

A: That comes with an online gallery from this website private - unlisted gallery.  Downloadable and (1) Flashdrive - with Copy Right Release to reprint.  (1) 11x14 (1) 8x10 (1) 5x7  

Q:  I would like a different print package is that possible?  

A: Yes, we can negotiate a different package.  It's best to call for an appointment via phone, FaceTime, etc to discuss your needs and deadlines.  

Q: What is the cost of the Shower?  

A: The rates of the shower vary according to time, location.  Rate $175 - $275 -  All shower hours are done between 2PM - 9PM Unfortunately, we do not shoot showers after 10PM. Please consider that when booking the Full Package $475.00 

Q: What is your total Package for Maternity Session, Shower & Newborns 

A: It is great to be able to book a photographer to be with you from Maternity, Shower and New Bundle of Joy.   This is the best deal, please call about the full details but you will not be disappointment and there is a payment plan in place.  Highlights,  Print Package, Sharing Gallery,   Posters, Flashdrive, (12x12) Photo Album  (11x14) Metal Print Collage and more!  

Thank you for thinking about us!  We shoot all over NYC.  Primarily in spring time we shoot outdoors and in special locations.  If you want specific studio time there is an Additional Fee of $100.00 for the space rented for 1 hour.  We utilize Ripely G. Studios in NYC.