Tanya Ndip Photography

    For inquiries please call Tanya Ndip at 347-450-1850 based in NYC.

    Married, Happy, Mother, Grandma of 3 and oh so loved at church. Half a century of life in me. T. Ndip at your service . Organic and Fun.

    With Pod Will Travel to Hospitals since 2013

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    I am a  local wedding and traveling photographer. Noted for great first impression says on the wedding wire review and from what others say, I am capable of loving the multitudes in a crowd.   I am fascinated with creative thinkers like myself and drawn to shoot outside the box. It would be a crime not to make a couple feel special and I am only guilty of adding on countless more hours of my editing until I reach perfection.  

    "Ton Ton Love of Life ", as mommy would say who was a photographer shooting with film cameras like Minolta brand and developing in darkrooms as well as instructing others in large groups in Harlem.  So I guess she had a good eye for my heart. 

    Since 2011 I have been working on creating that great shot for that special moment. I love allowing the couple to take the lead on what they expect. I am so happy to be shooting with my new camera. Sony Mirrorless AR7III. I love being able to shoot in low light places without a flash but I also love the clear and sharp pictures. As a native New Yorker, I have been able to handle the aggressive crowds at weddings. I love group fun shots and those priceless moments one on one with a bride getting ready. There is nothing like looking at a bride for the first time. I understand the feeling a servant of a Queen feels as I am often in that position. Engagement shoots are fun and help me learn what poses work. Thank you for looking me us. Let's talk in person! Tanya Ndip @ your Service.

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