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Journal Entry 2. October 26, 2019,

Engrafted and New Family.

Shooting a wedding comes with a skill set other than focusing and paying attention to details.  Since September 2019, I have been engrafted into 3 different groups of people from 3 different states where I witnessed and photographed 3 different weddings.  One of which was my own brother's wedding. I snuck in over 400 shots at my brother's wedding as a gift while seating on the sideline literally. 

The professional contracted weddings in September 2019 and October 2019 left me so connected and appreciated by the love and tips that I can't stop thinking of all of them and wanting everyone to be well.  As I reflect on all those faces and think of all those conversations, I see my family growing.  My mother hit it spot on when she nicked name me Ton Ton Love of Life.  I love this life because in it I get a chance to bring some extra joy to folks and create something special or should I say witness and shoot something amazing.             

Journal Entry 1: September 27, 2019

Shooting with New Gear. 

I was very young when I noticed my mother carrying a camera.  I recall her mentioning she wanted to convert our hall closet to a darkroom.  My grandma would not hear of it.  Here we are today.  Neither of them was alive when I decided to follow in her footsteps.  Only I shoot digital and can view it immediately.  

My first Maternity session.  I was invited to New Jersey.  I borrowed a camera from my friend Martha W. and I also was using a little camera I had.  I don't recall the point and shoot.  

Expectant mother was on bed rest and I was terrified.  I left there feeling wonderful and so glad I went.  Things were never the same again for me.  A few months later I asked a relative if he could get me a birthday gift that I could learn to love.  My faithful Nikon D7000 semi-professional camera.   Thank you, Uncle Chuck! also aka like my dad. Who gave me away on my wedding day.  He gets to witness what his sister was unable to continue but through me. 

That's all she wrote.  Now I am shooting with an intimidating but lovely Sony Mirrorless full frame.  Sony AR7III 42 megapixels.    

2011. My first Maternity Session. Photo entry September 26, 2019

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