Journal Entry November 27, 2019 

Over the Weight, Behind the Lens and Under the Scope

Tanya Ndip's Weightloss Journey 8/1/2019 to present. down from (247 lbs to 225 lbs) then. Today 11/27/2019 I am down to 217 - That is 30 lbs since I let go of all the stuff I am about to name below! I am currently a pescatarian with cheat days. Big Smile!

I may be a little insecure in this video, but I am not shy. I was not sure how to share my experience. I don't know if I need to show all my tummy but amen to those that do the extra, don't worry family and husband, I will be modest.

I am a black woman from Spanish Harlem. My grandparents, uncles and godmother and family raised me all on southern soul food, so yes I grew up with starchy foods all my life! Favorite food is Bread, Cheese, Sweet/ Salty and Greasy. Favorite Meats are Ribs, Steak, and Pork Shoulder. I've gotten paid to make some dope meals but it just wasn't healthy. In order to pull this off or let it fall off, I did the unbelievable. I let go of meat twice! last year I did it for 6 months but came running back on my 49th birthday out of depression. Am I really going into my 50's so unhealthy? I was mad. I was not a Diva and had not been healthy for many years.

I use to wear 3 or 4-inch boots and wear my hair down my back in NYC as if I owned it with long nails too. I've been off that radar for almost 27 years. Lately, I been wearing a knee brace and a whole lot of weight nearly 250 lbs. People overlook my weight, even the man that married me. Well, this Chicken in the Spring said, I am tired of Meat, Bread and all the starchy food. July 31, 2019, I said, Enough!

I have occasional cheat days but I drink water, no juice, I love Salmon and Tuna instead of burgers and ribs. I eat oatmeal and blueberries so yummy instead of pancakes, egg, and bacon. I watched all kinds of videos, pray, go to church and practice meditations in Christ, self-taught. I love spinach anything instead of everything. Green smoothies, chia seeds, and a workout.

Oh, snap forgot to tell you I fell down a flight of steps in the train station at by the American Museum of Natural History where I use to work temporarily. Shortly after that, I managed to get a few tears in my knee. I am allergic to some meds which makes pain real! I still walk with a crip swag.. lol but I am losing so much weight. My husband holds my waist so nice. I feel like a newlywed woman again and I only lost 30 pounds.

I use to weigh between 135- 147 at the most before I put on all this weight during pregnancy 32 years ago. God is always guiding me. I pray for wisdom, I cry on bad days and sing to God on good days. It helps that I am a busy freelance photographer, a wife, mother, grandmother, some kind of good Christian friend and a hard worker for Jesus. I attend church weekly for years. I love my church family as much as my real family and they love me back. So the support system is there. I even talk to a specialist all throughout the year.

My clothes are in smaller sizes now. I am trying to get back to 147 pounds. Ironically, I love veggies, I mean I really love it. I also love squash and look forward to all the ways to eat healthily. I am not saying meat is wrong. It just wasn't working with me. I am going into my 50's God willing Slim, happier and feeling like a spring chicken.

I have a few goals this coming year. To visit an island, drive my own car, grow my own business, put on a nice black dress for hubby, write and direct my own showcases of plays based on Christianity heart and soul, write a book, get down to 147 pounds safe and naturally and stay a good healthy weight, allow my husband to pick me up and carry me off, continue my photography and continue to keep Christ first all the way to heaven by loving others and helping women like myself.

I am not throwing this into the universe, I am throwing it into the world wide web but know that the one who made the universe is helping me evolve. Thank you for visiting. 

Click here: Under the Scope at 92nd Street Y in NYC. Nervous

Me from baby to now. Still evolving.

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Journal Entry 2. October 26, 2019,

Engrafted and New Family.

Shooting a wedding comes with a skill set other than focusing and paying attention to details.  Since September 2019, I have been engrafted into 3 different groups of people from 3 different states where I witnessed and photographed 3 different weddings.  One of which was my own brother's wedding. I snuck in over 400 shots at my brother's wedding as a gift while seating on the sideline literally. 

The professional contracted weddings in September 2019 and October 2019 left me so connected and appreciated by the love and tips that I can't stop thinking of all of them and wanting everyone to be well.  As I reflect on all those faces and think of all those conversations, I see my family growing.  My mother hit it spot on when she nicked name me Ton Ton Love of Life.  I love this life because in it I get a chance to bring some extra joy to folks and create something special or should I say witness and shoot something amazing.             

Journal Entry 1: September 27, 2019

Shooting with New Gear. 

I was very young when I noticed my mother carrying a camera.  I recall her mentioning she wanted to convert our hall closet to a darkroom.  My grandma would not hear of it.  Here we are today.  Neither of them was alive when I decided to follow in her footsteps.  Only I shoot digital and can view it immediately.  

My first Maternity session.  I was invited to New Jersey.  I borrowed a camera from my friend Martha W. and I also was using a little camera I had.  I don't recall the point and shoot.  

Expectant mother was on bed rest and I was terrified.  I left there feeling wonderful and so glad I went.  Things were never the same again for me.  A few months later I asked a relative if he could get me a birthday gift that I could learn to love.  My faithful Nikon D7000 semi-professional camera.   Thank you, Uncle Chuck! also aka like my dad. Who gave me away on my wedding day.  He gets to witness what his sister was unable to continue but through me. 

That's all she wrote.  Now I am shooting with an intimidating but lovely Sony Mirrorless full frame.  Sony AR7III 42 megapixels.    

2011. My first Maternity Session. Photo entry September 26, 2019

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