Rates - Tanya Ndip Photography

Family Portraits


30 minutes session for only $40.00  


(1) Flashdrive All images. / Instant electronic Transfer to your phone. 

60 minutes session for only $70.00 


(1) Flashdrive All images. / Instant electronic Transfer to your phone. 



90 minutes session for  only $100.00 

ONLINE GALLERY, DOWNLOADS FREE,  (1) Flashdrive All images. / Instant electronic Transfer to your phone. 

120 minutes session for only $130.00 

Great for a small dinner and engagement pictures with family and friends or just the two of you.  Travel and dining prices for the photographer are not listed but will be required for cruises, dinners where the photographer must hide until the appropriate time.  


120 minutes Hospital session for only $200  Unlimited poses and multiple changes of clothes. 

ONLINE GALLERY, DOWNLOADS FREE (1) Flashdrive, All images. / 

Instant electronic Transfer to your phone. - Print Package mail order with Photographers Website - Print Package Valued at $30.00  including shipping fee. 

We have 4 years of experience working with newborns in the hospital on Day 1 and have special skills in working with families in the NICU.  

All NICU sessions are extended to up to three hours as needed.  The rate will not increase. 

Newborn Group Rates

Hospital Group Rates for three newborns in one hospital @ $70.00 client with a maximum of 45 minutes per family. 

Print package value is lowered to $15 package including shipping fees.  If the family wants to pay for a larger package it will be avail. 

Expectant Mothers


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Outdoor 30 minutes for $80.00 ,  60 minutes for $150.00      

All sessions come with a Flashdrive / ONLINE GALLERY with free downloads.  

Studio Times - Electronic Transfer ONLY and online gallery. 

Flashdrives are available for $10.00 purchase if needed. 

(A+B) avail also as group rates

A- 15 minutes $30  -  (3 Poses) Individual or group rate can be applied. 3 women or less.        

B--30 minutes $60 -  (6 Poes) Individual or group rate can be applied.  6 women or less. 

(C+D) Individual/Family

60 minutes $120 - unlimited poses (1) client or client with family. 

Postpartum Doula Package

Asher Collage by tndip

For the amazing Doula's out there.  I would like to present to you this amazing package.  Join my membership at just $99.00  and you will be able to book me for Postpartum one time visit with each of your clients within a year to get a newborn photo session.  This session is 120 minutes.  Photos and video time.  An online gallery and storage gallery to hold all your photos with upload abilities.  Your client will be given a  beautiful edited gallery within three weeks and instant electronic transfer of photos the same day in case they are excited to share or create some newborn announcements which are a service we provide.                    

This service is good for 1 year and renews accordingly.  

If you have 20 clients in a year,  we will do 20 visits that year for only $99 

A doula is responsible for transportation to locations if you drive great!  If not a reimbursement for travel will be applied.  It could be a bill that your client is willing to assist in. 

I reside in the Bronx and take local transportation on weekdays and a car with gas and toll on weekends if a car is available.  We can work out the details. 

Bride Getting Ready


$200 for Bride getting the ready day of the wedding.

Online gallery and individual galleries for bridal parties to download or purchase prints. 

Normally this includes 1 hour of makeup and hair and setting up the dress and accessories. 

The Bride dressing 

The Bride headshots

Full Body in as much time as allotted. 

Weddings $100.00 per hour - Online Gallery, Flashdrive and Print Package.

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  • _TEM0431-4
  • _TEM0638-8
  • _TEM0731
  • J21_8821
  • J21_8862
  • J21_9026 - Version 3
  • J21_8882 - Version 3 bw and color
  • M24_4510
  • M24_4835
  • bbw_8966 - Version 2
  • BBW_8986
  • D18_6925
  • IRA_7044
  • 5x7 print
  • IRA_7505
  • IRA_7990
  • 8x10
  • LAV_2129 - Version 2
  • LAV_2143
  • LAV_2202
  • LAV_2203
  • LAV_2224 - Version 7
  • 11x14
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  • HAZ_3483
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  • VEG00086
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