It is with such joy and excitement that I introduce this new and fun way to celebrate a 1, 2 and 3 year old for smashing "Cakes, Pancakes, Pies or painting party.

We currently offer a Splash Time in one of our inflatable tubs or our beautiful metallic cream bathtub for mini's.

Let us know what creative ideas you have and we will help you make them happen! 

We use safe and fun products. 

Ask about Grand Tanya Wish Deal by choosing Wist list items from Vendors to make our new studio space amazing!   It changes the rates :)  lowers them until April 2020.

$200 Smash  Splash and Flash:

Smash Cake 1 hour , with Bubble Time in Tub, and Flash drive: of all edited images and a video .  Online gallery. 

$300 Smash cake & Party local Bronx or Manhattan.  With Print Package , includes ( Family Portrait ( 16x20 Canvas or Collage ( 20x30) Print.. 

$400 Smash Cake, Party, Prints, Album book 10x10.

Happy Birthday

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  • We asked Bianca if we could use her newborn photo is the session at her birthday.
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