A few weeks ago, I was able to meet up with a client who I met a year ago when she gave birth at a city hospital I was working for.  We took pictures of the active, adorable 1 year old. 

He was a very happy little handsome baby but he was not interested in much photos, just the part that we took him too.  

Eventually we got a nice picture after he took a 30 minute cat nap!  

The best photo he took was in his stroller.  LOL 

This has happened before to me.  I don't mind waiting for that perfect shot!  I was able to request a newborn picture of him and add it to the prop you see below.  

I have added a few from the little princess that took some of her best shots in the car seat!  


1 year old not happy but adorable man until it was time to go! Then I got that SMILE!

  • _FIN0005-2
  • _FIN0060-Edit
  • _FIN0130-2
  • _FIN0144-2
  • _FIN0211
  • _FIN0272
  • _FIN0306-2
  • _FIN0310

Princess that gave me a few great shots but my favorite was in the car saying goodbye.

  • Finally got that smile in the car.  She was trying to hold out on me.  :) Tanya Ndip
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